I'm Kelly (She/her) and I'm so glad you're here!

I live in Madison, WI with my amazing partner and our two sweet, wild, and funny children. We spend countless hours outside, although I must admit, summer is my favorite. 

I was a Montessori teacher before my littles were born and I always try to bring that lens of observation into my work. If I can sit back quietly and allow things to unfold naturally, it creates such beauty! Allowing your family space to be you and your children to be the incredible humans they are fills me with so much joy. 

Let's create some beautiful moments together! 

“Keep your children wild. Don’t make them grow up too fast. Let them spend their days in the sunshine using their imagination”
 - Brook Hampton

Photo by Melanie Renee Photography

Photo by Molly VanDamme Photography

Like how tiny your child's hand is in yours or the way they hold sticks in the mud. The kind of images and videos that future generations will find magic in.

I find joy in allowing children to be who they are in the moment, big feelings, silly jokes and all. 

If you are looking for a photographer who will embrace your unique story, who will belly laugh with your kids antics, tell fart jokes with your preschoolers, sit quietly with you as you cuddle and nurse your babe, or jam with you through morning pancakes, let's chat. 

I love authentic, emotive images that tell the story of right now. The little details.

Things I love

1. Travel! Exploring new places brings me so much joy.

2. Getting messy in the garden with the kids, whether that's tending the chickens or the plants, or just being outside together. 

3. Kitchen Dance Parties! We met swing dancing so this is so much fun.

4. Dogs. We have an active husky/lab/collie that we love to adventure with. 

5. Adventuring and hiking.

6. Hot summer evenings with perfect golden sunlight.

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