Hi there!

I'm Kelly!

I live in Madison, WI with my amazing partner, John and our two sweet, wild, and funny little kiddos. We spend countless hours outside, hiking and playing in the mud. 

I was a Montessori teacher before my littles were born and I always try to bring a bit of that lens into my work.

I've always been fascinated by photography, how it captures a moment, a family legacy, and passes it on.  

Fun fact: My dad had a dark room. (I was a baby, but I heard stories.) Do you remember those light boxes for slides and little magnifying glasses? I thought those were magical! I used to love looking at my parent's honeymoon and my brothers' baby slides. 

I love authentic, emotive images that tell the story of right now. The kind of images that future generations will find the magic in! 

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Things I love

1. Urban Farming. We have chickens and grow veggies and native perennials in our little northside garden.

2. Kitchen Dance Parties. I met my husband doing lindy hop 15 years ago in college, now we do kitchen dance parties to terrible music. Still awesome!

3. Travel! I love traveling with the kids. It's magical to see new places through their eyes!

4. Coffee.

5. Getting muddy with the kids and our dog. 

6. Hot summer evenings with perfect golden sunlight

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I can't wait to tell the story of your family through photography. 

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connect over at @mckennapatterson.photography

connect over at @mckennapatterson.photography